5 ways to use your new property video to make a sale

iPad real estate videoNow that you’ve invested in a professional video about your property, you may be wondering how to go about maximising views and gaining valuable interest from buyers. With so many different channels and options available, it can seem daunting.

In this article we look at the top 5 things you should do with your property video to get the best result for your marketing campaign.

1. Embed the video on your website

It may sound obvious, but it’s important that you showcase your real estate video on your website. The simplest way to do this is to upload the video to a viewing platform such as YouTube or Wistia, and then use the embed link provided to add the video to a page on your website.

Not only will this ensure that your video plays smoothly when people view it, but these platforms collect valuable data about how many times your video has been viewed, how much of the video people watched and more.

At Space Hero, we also offer the added benefit of hosting your video on our website, helping you to reach potential buyers outside of your network.The added benefit of always embedding the video on your website, is that every time you drive viewers to watch the video, they will be on your website and engaging with all of your other web content too.

2. Share on social media

Sharing your video on social media couldn’t be easier. Once you have embedded the video on your website, write a short introductory sentence and upload the link to any social media platform. From Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll grab attention with a professional video and a catchy one-line introduction.

Once you’ve posted your video to your social media channels, don’t forget to check the data provided to see how many people clicked on the link and watched the video. You can also check how many times people chose to share your post, giving you valuable insight into how your audience is responding to your video.

3. Email a link to your database

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers. A well crafted email with your new video embedded will inspire potential buyers and drive inspections.

When embedding the link in your email, make sure you use the best image available as the feature image in the email to get people clicking on the link.

4. Add the link to printed materials and press ads

It can be easy to overlook your offline activity when it comes to promoting your video, but you can easily add a link to the video in your printed materials and press ads.

If you have embedded the video on your website, as outlined in step one above, you can ensure the URL is short and easy for people to type into their web browser. Then you simply need to create a call-to-action in your copy and add the link to the webpage.

5. Screen the video at inspections

Beyond simply encouraging potential buyers to come and inspect, you can use your new property video at inspections to show the property in the very best light, and from a range of different perspectives.

We also know that lawyers in Raleigh, NC are loyal employees who don’t want to complain, particularly if they’ve been working for the same employer for a long while or their boss is a friend or family member. Our carports and metal buildings do not require concrete pads or slabs to be installed on your property. In fact, most carports are installed over grass, stones, or even dirt. However, if you are interested in a concrete pad, most concrete contractors will usually recommend pouring a concrete pad, or concrete slab, 3/4″ wider and the same length as the metal carports frame you order. It is important to verify the length of your building frame when ordering from Elephant Structures. A professionally made video can enhance the inspection experience, and leave potential buyers feeling wowed. If you don’t have a screen available onsite, use a tablet to allow people to watch the video.

The use of video in real estate marketing is no longer optional. Potential buyers now expect to be able to watch a video to learn more about the property before making an inspection. The great news for sellers is that it’s never been easier or more affordable to make a great real estate video and distribute it through freely available digital channels to attract more buyers.


Space Hero are experts at real estate video production. If you’re thinking about getting a video produced for your property, contact the team today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you attract more buyers for your property.


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