Why you need drones to enhance your real estate marketing

Drone over BrisbaneThe rise of drone technology in just a few short years has seen them become a ‘must-have’ for any real estate marketing campaign, just like the need of a Search Engine Marketing Company these days.  Providing unprecedented access to places and perspectives previously unavailable, drones are revolutionising the way we view properties.

As with all major technology trends, as usage increases, costs come down. So how can you use drone technology to enhance your real estate marketing campaigns? Drones should be just like having air compressors in your car, essential!!

Flexibility of drones over helicopters

Drones are able to deliver images that are uniquely different from that of a helicopter that had power coming from batteries wollongong.  Drones capture a birds-eye quality, an intimate perspective that allows the viewer to hover or sail through the air. This experience allows people to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the property or development site.

With the ability to take off from almost anywhere, drones can be launched quickly to capture aerial photographs and footage in a really short timeframe.

New visuals and perspectives

Drone technology now allows aerial photographers to bring a range of new visuals to a property campaign, including:

  • ability to highlight and outline development sites from an aerial perspective
  • indicative views from different perspectives
  • different points of view from individual floors
  • aerial views of various floors for lease
  • nearby points of interest such as transport, shopping, businesses, parks and freeways.

With a myriad of benefits for aerial filming, we use drones frequently to get the best result for our clients.

Dynamic movement

Due to their small size, drones can maneuver dynamically in any direction, providing immense creative flexibility.

For example, sometimes a property occupies a spectacular ocean-side position and a dramatic reveal of the site is achieved by swiftly moving across the ocean and tilting up to reveal the location. When combined with music, this adds a layer of drama and anticipation that can increase the perceived value of the real estate opportunity.

Value for money

Drones offer incredible value for money.  To achieve aerial shots in the past, it was necessary to use a helicopter, complete with pilot, camera operator and expensive fuel. It’s easy to see that this can very quickly add up to an expensive exercise.

Without the need for a pilot or camera operator, and ultra fuel efficiency due to their small size, drones offer all the advantages of aerial story-telling at a massively reduced rate.

Combining drone images with ground level photography delivers an engaging, complete picture of a property to prospects. With so many agents and developers now using this technology to showcase their properties, and the costs of using drones dropping, now is the perfect time to add aerial filming to your marketing campaign.

Watch the video below to see a sample of drone video we’ve produced here at Space Hero.



At Space Hero, we’ve been producing quality real estate videos for 8 years and have worked on hundreds of real estate marketing campaigns.  If you would like to know more about how you can utilise drone photography in your next real estate marketing campaign, download our RATE CARD or give us call today.


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Grey Rogers
Owner at Space Hero
Grey is a passionate and creative digital marketing professional with 19 years’ experience, 8 of which have focused on real estate.

With a wealth of business-to-business sales and marketing experience, and having worked with a range of nationally and internationally recognised brands, Grey works with agents, landlords and developers to create video marketing strategies for office tower leasing, capital investment and off-the-plan residential sales.