3 tips for making quality videos on a budget

Making video on a budgetOne of the most common misconceptions about video marketing is that it’s too expensive for many campaigns. In fact, as technology has evolved, the cost of producing a quality video has dropped significantly. It’s now easier than ever to incorporate video into your marketing strategy to really increase your visibility and engagement in the market.

While there are many ways in which you can save money in producing your next marketing video, we’ve pulled together our top three tips for making sure you get the best value for money.

1. be clear about the type of video you want

Often we find that time and energy is exhausted early on in the process as we narrow down exactly what is required in the video.

As well as pulling together a list of important content to be featured in the video, and an idea of the length, you could take note of any other features you will require. Check out other videos, whether they be your competitor’s or simply other videos you found really enjoyable.

The Space Hero website has a wide range of different property videos you can watch to help get an idea of the concepts and content you would like to feature in your video. To view our video library go to and click on ‘property videos’ in the top menu.

Of course part of our job is to provide expert guidance and support in developing your video, but having an understanding of what you would like is a great place to start and can save time and money in the long run.

2. get your existing materials together

Another great way to keep your video production costs down is to ensure you pull together all of your existing marketing material that could be useful. This could be everything from photographs and renders to graphics, logos and even existing video footage you may have on file.

Getting all of this material together not only saves time as the project progresses, but much of this content can be used in your new video. While it may not always be possible to use existing video footage, in some cases it can be incorporated with new footage to finish off the video.

3. allow more time

As with many projects, one of the biggest contributors to the overall cost of a video is the timeframe. The shorter the timeframe, the higher the costs across all of the components of production. Of course there will be times when you will be working to a deadline, but where possible, allowing more time to produce your video will significantly reduce the cost.

We recommend allowing around 4 weeks from your initial phone call to delivery of your finished video in order to achieve the most economical result, and avoid any express delivery charges.


With the cost of video production dropping, there has never been a better time to incorporate video into your next marketing campaign. Keep your budget under control by doing some research into other videos you like. Pull your existing marketing materials together so you have your images, graphics and any existing video on hand if and when it’s needed. Most importantly, if you know you want to make a video, start planning a few weeks in advance so you can avoid higher charges for express delivery.


Space Hero can help you create your next property video and work with you to achieve the best possible result for your budget.  Contact the team today to find out more.


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Bianca Dillon
Digital Strategist at Space Hero
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