Case Study: Getting to the heart of the story



riverside-centre-feature-imageThere is no doubt that the most effective videos produced are the ones that make the viewer feel something. But capturing raw emotion in B2B video marketing is not always easy. There is a balance to be struck between logic and emotion, between selling the product and telling a personal story that captures the viewer’s attention.

Space Hero recently produced a video for Brisbane’s Riverside Centre, and the creative execution was firmly centered on getting to the heart of the story. We wanted to explore the human side of the building, uncover the unique stories of the people who work there and in doing so, draw the audience in and take them on a journey.

Know the audience

Our initial research revealed that Brisbane has a deep, almost romantic affinity with the Riverside Centre. Ask almost anyone around town and they’ll tell you that either they, or someone they know, has worked there at some point in time.

For many, it goes deeper. Many people began their careers there, it’s where they built their professional life, and this continues for many people to this day.

This creates a wonderful sense of ownership amongst the people who work there. Riverside Centre has impacted the lives of so many people, and has fostered not just careers, but friendships.

As film makers, it was critical for us to get to the heart of the story by listening to a cross section of people to understand and appreciate what Riverside Centre means to them. Telling this story was not about selling, it was about candid honest insights from the people who know and love this iconic building.

Tying the story to the building

As a brand and as a building, Riverside Centre has an elegant, iconic and enduring presence that we wanted to tap into. It has been built on the values of all those who have worked there, and so it seemed a logical next step to tie these very personal stories to the building itself.

In order to attach these stories to the building within the video, we focused visuals that put the people in the space. It was about showing the people of Riverside Centre amongst the elegant architecture and design, and enduring historical presence. We captured this vision with wide angle shots and created a sentimental feel with the best 360 camera work and specially composed piano music.

The effect is a story that washes over the viewer and leaves you feeling almost as sentimental about the Riverside Centre as those whose lives it has touched.

The result

Videos such as this are proof that even in a B2B sales environment, telling a very human story and tapping into emotion are powerful tools. Combined with striking visuals and emotive music, the result is a deeper audience engagement and a lasting impression on viewers that supports your brand position.

The team at Space Hero are experts at producing compelling and innovative videos to really bring your property to life.  If you want to know more about how we can help you develop your next video, get in touch with us today.

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Bianca Dillon
Digital Strategist at Space Hero
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