How to tell a powerful story with video

Tell a powerful story with videoIt’s no secret that video is a powerful tool for telling a story to engage your audience and create a connection. The combination of strong imagery, music, voice-over, dialogue and graphics allows a lot of information to be condensed into a short, punchy format that is emotive and conveys so much to the viewer.

However, like any other marketing activity, it’s important that you carefully plan and construct your video to ensure it meets your objectives.

With tight budgets and deadlines, it’s critical that good planning guides the project and helps to craft a powerful story that will engage your audience.

think about the audience

In order to tell a story that will compel your audience, you need to make sure you start out with a clear picture of who they are. Ask yourself what it is that they really want, and how you want them to feel and respond after watching the video.

If you’re not sure about your audience and what motivates them, do some research to learn more. You could ask your team, particularly your sales team or anyone that interacts with customers regularly, for their input. Ideally, you might even talk to some of your existing customers and ask them directly.

develop a strong script

With a clear picture of your audience, you can then develop a strong script. Even when there is no voice-over, video professionals will create and adhere to a script to help tell the story and guide audiences through a presentation.

The script provides the road map for the video, guiding the many creative decisions that will need to be made at each stage of production. Having a good script also ensures that all of the contributors to the film can share in the vision and understand how their involvement fits into the bigger picture.

be visually appealing

It might sound obvious, but you need to start with your strongest shots to capture your audience immediately.  Video allows imagery to be the hero of your story, so it’s important that you make the most of it.

While it’s critical that you grab the audience’s attention right away, you also want to make sure you keep a good pace to your story to keep people engaged.

keep the story short

It’s widely acknowledged that our attention spans are getting shorter. In order to keep your audience engaged in your story, it’s essential that you produce a video that is short and to the point. We recommend videos that are 60 and 120 seconds long, as this is optimal for maintaining attention and interest.

If your video has a lot of information and data, keep in mind that the average viewer will only watch the video through once and they will only retain two or three key statistics.

A powerful call to action at the end of your video will leave viewers with a clear idea of what you want them to do next.


The most compelling videos take viewers on a journey and tell a strong story from start to finish. In order to get the best result, make sure you start with a clear picture of who your audience is, and the action you want them to take after watching the video.

Develop a good script to form the basis of the story, and always use this script to inform the many other creative decisions you will make throughout the video. While the script will help drive the story, strong visuals will support it and help to capture the audience’s attention from the outset. Finally, remember that the best and most compelling stories are short and to the point.

With these points in mind, you will be on your way to creating a powerful video to engage and motivate your audience.


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Jared Adamo
Executive Producer at Space Hero
Having worked in video production from more than 10 years, Jared believes a successful video project demands strong planning, attention to detail and a healthy respect for the creative process.

Since joining the Space Hero team, Jared has produced a wide range of videos, managing production, budgets and sales. Jared also contributes his extensive knowledge of video production to creative aspects and content, ensuring each project achieves the best possible outcome.